Lament of Amarie

Where have you gone my love
Where has your heart taken you
Why did you feel you had to leave the blessed shore
What called you away from my arms

When we were young
We sat beneath the trees
And basked in their light
We danced and no shadows drew near

I still remember your song
And for a time we sang together
Our songs were interwoven as one
But then the light failed
And a new song fell on your ears

The call of another lady--Nay
A song much stronger took my love's heart
It was the song of new beginnings in a new land
A song that I was unable to sing

As we mourned beneath trees and shadows
You had to choose one song
Alas I sit watching the sea
For your song fateful day was not ours

So I wait and rest during long ages
In the hope that you will come
A new light has been wrought
And `ere this world come to an end
Hope is set in the dawn

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