Lament for Doriath - A poem of a messenger from Valinor's woe at her discovery of the destruction of Doriath

Ah Doriath!
How wise wert thine counsels, how strong wert thine walls! Great was the rule of thy people. But where art thine people now, and where art thy great walls? For war hast come to thee!

Ah Thingol!
Great wert thy rule, and strong and wise wert thou. Thy borders wert kept close by thee, and peace reigned therein. Away from the troubles of Middle-earth didst thou keep thee and thy people.

Ah Melian!
Maia of majesty and grace, thou didst keep thy king from folly, and away from sorrow didst thou keep all of Doriath. Great wert thou, wise and powerful, beautiful and strong. Most beautiful of all the eldar wert thou!

But where art thee Doriath? For word comes to thee from Valinor, and long have we looked for thee. But where art thou? No longer are the Valar aware of thee, for thou hast fallen into shadow!

Valinor, wist ye not where Doriath has gone? For in the sorrows of Arda she has been lost, and will no longer be seen. For Doriath has fallen, and shall ne'er rise again. That happy place where the peace and joy of the elves lived has gone, and shall never return. For Thingol took Nauglamir, given to him by Hurin, warrior of men.

Thingol didst have the dwarves set the Silmaril in Nauglamir, and great was its beauty. But the dwarves didst seek to have the Silmaril for their own, and lust for it didst overtake them. Thus, out of their greed didst they kill Thingol, King of Doriath, and in their flight they didst take the Silmaril.

But far they did not go, and back to Doriath was the Silmaril taken, and Thingol avenged. Grief didst overshadow Doriath, and Melian, in her mourning didst take leave of Doriath, and departed from Middle-earth to Valinor, across the sea. There remained Melian in her sorrow, as ye have heard.

Great is the grief and sorrow for Doriath, for where didst it depart to? Ah, Valinor, it was crushed by the greed of the dwarves, and now lies beneath the sea. Many were slain by the dwarves of Nogrod, and many shall ne'er return. Great is the grief caused by its destruction.

Thus, O Valinor, we return to thee with these sad tidings of woe. For Doriath, beautiful Doriath, is no more. For no cause was it destroyed but for greed and treachery! Ah Doriath! We weep for thee!

Weep, O Valinor, weep! For now Doriath, the haven of elves, is no more!

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