Lament for Beren - The Lost Words from Luthien to commemmerate her true love's deeds

Oh Beren! Son of Barahir the Bold!
Long will your flights and perils be told
But still will I miss you, at he mention of your name
And still will I weep for you, for this heart is not yet tame

Oh Erchamion! The One-Handed Warrior
Through this life will I be your great courier
And I will remind, all those who forget
Of the marvelous deeds, you oft' have wrought yet
And still will deeds come, victory at last
Victory at last, over pain of doubt of past
And if I am the last
To say this might not cast
A shadow on the heartened
A light upon the wicked
The world now cracks and partens
And light will turn to winged
Darkness on the eagles
Hope betwixt with marvels

Oh Beren! Son of Barahir the Bold!
Long will my grief remain untold
For still the pain has brought me near
To the place that you will long hold dear

There shall I go, to bid life farewell
If to spend one more moment with you
And long will my kin and kindred tell
Of my foolishness of loving mortals too
And I will follow your scent
Though it be a long, hard, descent
Into the life-lost crescent
The moon of lost eternities

And there shall we meet
Indeed, and meet so sweet
If the God of Mandos will find
Compassion in his heart and mind
To allow me spend one moment with you
And if he doesn't mind, perhaps just two
But it won't matter; I'll be with you

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