Just Know I'll Be With You Wherever You Go

He kissed her gently on the lips one last time in preparation to leave,
she looked into his troubled eyes, and promised forever only to him shall she cleave.
Sweet tears rolled down from her saddened eyes,
all the while still trying to put on a brave disguise.
Leaning in to kiss him her undying love for him to show,
She whispered Just Know I'll Be With You Wherever You Go.

The next thing she knew he was riding away,
but in her heart she was still yearning for him to stay.
She knew it was his destiny to go on this quest,
to help destroy the One Ring and save the world he would do his best.
That night in a romantic dream her ethereal face appeared to him,
her reassuring presence comforting even though things looked dim.
She then laid her hand over his burdened heart to help vanquish his woes,
and spoke these few words in her soft elvish voice to him to show
Just Know I'll Be With You Wherever You Go.

She feared this trial, tribulation and pain he would suffer terribly through,
she knew this was the hardest thing he would ever have to do.
And when he returned home after his long ordeal,
She would fall passionately into his arms, his loving touch once more to feel.
She knew he was the one, the special love of her life,
he promised on his return, he would make her his wife.
And as the years went on unhurried their love would only grow,
he would still hear her whisper...
Just Know I'll Be With You Wherever You Go.

Upon his return he was crowned King and ruled over the land,
where the people lived in peace and solitude under his hand.
And as the years passed slowly by his body started to give,
he knew in his heart he didn't have much longer to live.
He said goodbye to his children then drew his weeping wife near,
told her he loved her and that there was nothing to fear.
Please cry no more he said wiping her tears,
you've been a wonderful wife and companion all these years.
She kissed him compassionately on the lips and whispered to him to show,
Just Know I'll Be With You Wherever You Go.

They reminisced about their life late into the night,
laughing and crying it was a tender and beautiful sight.
She laid down beside him and rested her head on his chest,
cuddling as close as she could to his warm breast.
They laid holding each other tenderly as he took his last breath,
while she whispered softly in his ear to him to show
Just Know I'll Be With You Wherever You Go.

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