Just a Story in My Head

As I fall asleep,
My dreams are deep,
Yet none I know are true.

I have nothing in my head,
Nothing that can be felt and said,
nothing of the real world.

Yet some nights I lie,
Thinking I should die,
for the world is fake in my head.

I dread all my life,
while I live in strife,
but once I fall,
Fall to the sleep,
I'm in for another adventure.

I travel through the deep,
I see the green plains with sheep,
Merry elves sing at my passing.

I see birds in the forest,
Trees talking and walking,
A battle is raging at a mountain,
A different language they were talking.

Yet I wake in delight,
As I see a great light,
Yet I am back in my bed,
Only darkness in my head.

As I think of those lands,
I look at my hands,
No mail on my wrists,
No swords in my fists.

No bow on my back,
Just my pillow that's black,
I look around my room,
darkness is there as I zoom.

I zoom in on my drums,
Yet I hear the hums,
The hums of the elves,
and Dwarves as the delve.

Yet I remember,
sleep is only time,
and as I clear my head,
I hear no chimes.

No songs of ale,
No tales of trees,
just the purr of my cat,
And old, same me.

Then I remember,
The truth that I dread,
The lands in those tales,
Are just a story in my head.

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