Journey of a Took - Repetition is Key!

An adventurous young Took ,
who went right over the brook.
In Bree he stayed for a while,
though he still had many a mile.
Through troll-lands dark and wide,
we strode with a long stride.
Past the last homely house,
sneaking silently as a mouse.
For this poor hobbit of old,
thought of elves as cruel and cold.
At the Misty Mountains he turned south!
In Gondor he found much with which to stuff his mouth!
Through Isengard and through the Fords,
Heading north he discovered a sword,
In Grey Havens he met Cirdan the elven lord,
The shipwright was kindly and gave him a map,
To the Shire he went, his feet going tap tap tap.
His life was nothing but fun!
Yet before he was done,
he had a little Took son.

[Repeat over and over until the hearers revolt]

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