In the eyes of a Pony - Imagine you are Bill....what would you think? [Comedy]

A name I have not,
a pony I be,
I have no friends
and nobody cares for me.

My old owner Bill,
hardly ever receives,
the message of pain I send
Its too bad that nobody believes.

Well one day, my life lifted up,
and one very short guy,
came up and said:
'I wish to buy!'

I had no idea,
of who this man was,
I don't know why he's so short,
But then, who does?

For days I travel,
with a heavy pack on my back,
many people hover 'round me,
and put more in the sack.

Heavy winds,
lots of snow,
It's very cold,
so where am I to go?

I am now led up,
to a scary looking gate,
'He'll come, I promise,
He won't even debate!'

So now I find,
myself back alone,
I wonder now,
is this my new home?

Now I wait,
for Sam to come back,
for now I long,
for that big, heavy sack.

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