In Shadows - Arwen tells of her grief at the loss of her mother in a sad song, as darkness descends upon the valley...

In Shadows

Here as we walk in shadows
`Neath silently swaying trees
The forests have stilled their whispers;
They no longer sing to me.
The light in the stars has faltered,
The joy in the fountains is none,
As the grasses sigh in cold breezes,
So we see her, though she is gone.
And she walks in a valley of darkness;
Alone and worn and tired;
Her eyes now downcast and sullen,
Extinguished the light that there fired.
Now ever Westward do her gazes fall;
Upon the sea glinted shore,
Where ships of silver and pure white sail,
To leave Middle Earth forever more.
And she hears now the breezes call her;
She smells the salt in the air;
She feels its great power come over her;
And at last she knows she must sail there.

Now the darkness falls on the valley,
Down here, as we walk in the shadows;
Where the forests have stilled their whispers,
And an icy wind lonely blows.

In Imladris now all falls silent
The dark night descends
And takes hope
From our


Loadsa love, Estel xxx

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