In deep, dark khazad-dum - A poem about Moria and the dwarves

The sun sets in the west
Ere it rises in the east
When out come
The tales of the deceased
Long have they lied
In their tomb
Trapped forever
In cavernous Khazad-dûm
There sits a treasure
More fair than gold
And has a hefty value
When it is sold
There lies mithril
Shining, glittering, beautiful light
That doth touch the soul
Of all those in sight
And in the dwarfs
It kindled their hearts
For a flame was set forth
Which played a large part
In the delving and digging
In fair Khaza-dûm
Where death came to
Durin and his folk too soon
Out of the bottomless pits
Came a foe of fire
Durin's bane, a balrog
With an evil desire
Many years pasted
Before those gates would open once more
And only in utter most need
They entered says old lore
For in passed a company of nine
Hiding from the great eye of Sauron's tower
One defied the balrog
And stood up to it's power
He shattered the ancient bridge
And fell to his and the balrog's doom
In that deep, dark place
In Khazad-dûm
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