If Only

If only, if only,
The lonely bird sighs,
The fangs of the wolf,
were as soft as the skies.
If Valinor green plains,
Were green and great,
If I reached the great city,
By some unknown fate.
If the moon shone bright,
On the beautiful tower hills,
If I could sing with Pippin,
And we would drink our fill.
If caras Galadon,
Was still vivid with song,
If Rivendell was real,
If I could see it and feel.
Thranduil's great fortress,
The empty Iron Hills,
The great forest of Mirkwood,
Dul-Guldor and it's chills.
If I could watch Barad-Dur fall,
Walk in Minas-Ithil's moonlight,
If I could hear the eagles' call,
And look upon the mountains misty sight.
But the hobbits are all gone,
The elves sing no songs,
The great eagles fly no more,
And empty are the caverns that were made by the dwarves.
Sadly, I remember,
It is just a story in my head,
The only place I could see it,
Was reading a book in my bed.
But if only, if only,
I sigh in the night,
If only, if only,
I looked upon the great stars made by Varda,
In the deep of the night.
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