I Won't Be Left Behind - Merry heads off to war.

I Won't Be Left Behind
by traz~~

Left behind, I cannot be.
I offered you my sword!
Ashamed I'd be if I should stay,
I cannot be ignored!

Left behind, I will not be!
My service has been sworn
To follow into battle, lord,
Remaining, I'd be torn.

Left behind, don't make it so!
The endless leagues I'll run
Until my feet wear down to bone,
My duties I'll not shun!

Left behind, how can it be?
Now armor clad, am I.
A swordthain that's been cast aside,
Must I now say good-bye?

Left behind, the others are,
But Fate now smiles on me!
Befriended by a soldier, brave.
He harkened to my plea.

Left behind, now second thoughts.
Why did I come along?
Weary baggage to be borne.
Is this were I belong?

Left behind, I have not been.
My destiny contrived.
To what dark end will I succumb?
Of hope I've been deprived.

Left behind? Not meant to be.
Determined, I'll march on!
For Pippin, trapped in burning halls,
I'll fight until the dawn!

Lo! She stands, not left behind!
Her helm lay on the ground!
The one who carried me so far,
Stands `gainst this evil, bound!

Lady, valiant, stands alone,
As I crawl by degree.
Together, slew that demon Wraith!
Left behind? Not me!

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