I Wish I Were An Elf - A Silly Poem by Me

Oh I wish I were an elf with pointy ears
Wish I were an elf with endless years
I wish I had some arrows and a bow
I would live in Lorien where Niphredil doth grow

Wish I were an elf tall and fair
Wish I were and elf senses aware
Wish I were an elf with long hair
If I were an elf I wouldnt have a care

I could dance with stars in Rivendell
Look into the Mirror of Galadriel
Walk through the wondrous Mirkwood
Even travel to Mithlond I could

I would sail away to Valinor
And share songs of elven lore
I would meet Legolas and Gimli too
Sam and Frodo would tell me what theyve been through

I wish I were an elf fair and amazing
What does my life here to me bring?
I shall be happy now as myself
Elenya, Emilie the American ELF!

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