I watched the sun rise today - A poem

I watched the sun rise today
crisp as a Spring breeze
crimson stained the cloudless sky
as it crested above the trees

The dawn of a new day is come
a fresh new start for all
None are awake in the Kingdom save me
as I wander toward the Hall

I watched the sun rise today
and in the eerie grey light
I stand out on this balcony
not another soul in sight

As the day unfolds before me
in shades of yellow and blue
as I walk through these cold stone halls
all I can think of is you

I watched the sun rise today
and I am reminded of your eyes
as I look out into the West
into those deep blue skies

I think I have gone slightly mad
I believe I can hear your voice
I would wish to spend all time with you
if that could be my choice

But I am not immortal
like you my dear Elf are
Yet as you live on after me
Know that I won't be far

For if I fly to the Halls of Mandos
or sail to Valinor
if there's one thing you recall of me
I will love you for ever more

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