I wander like all my kin - One Ranger

I walk,
I walked so long
in this forest.
when it began to rain
the sweet rain from back home
the rain I love so much.
I grow up with this simple rain
and the forest too.
but I wander like all my kin.
Once a great kingdom on the sea
but evil kings made it fall.
I wander
like all that is left of my kin.
My cloak is stained and wet,
my hair is dirty and tattered.
but I trudge on like the rest of my kin.
It is hard for my kin but we do it
for that is what we are
this once great kin,
we descend from elves
but now we are not one on them.
being in the cold and in the hot sun
this is what we are me and the rest of my kin
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