House of Middle Earth


Say Middle Earth was all contained
Inside one little house
Then what would all the countries be
And all the oceans round about?

Let's say the Shire is the kitchen
Where lots of food sizzles on the stove
And the fridge is always full
And there are ceaseless fresh bread loaves

Let's say Rivendell is the living room
Where everyone gathers to relax
There always is something going on
From beautiful music to where books are stacked

Let's say Moria is the attic
Seeing how the mountains are tall
It's dusky, dark, and deserted
And where gross, yucky things crawl

Let's say Lothlorien is the bedroom
Tucked away, and hidden from most
Where weariness just washes away
And you can sleep, safe to the uttermost

Let's say Gondor is the dining room
Where, in war, Denethor gobbles his food
But in times of peace, is filled with people
All enjoying the happy, light mood

Let's say Mordor is the basement
A dark place, down below the home
At night it beckons many scary thoughts
And it's where evil spiders roam

So these are my thoughts on Middle Earth
A house of many different rooms and tones
Each room has its unique theme
Each one, on its own, can't stand alone

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