Horses of Middle Earth - Our greatest enemy and friend

Their hair blowing in the wind with indescribable beauty,
like a flame blowing to and fro in the mist of a storm.
Eyes staring deep within your abyss of your soul looking, searching, seeing all.
Peering into your deepest dreams, nightmares and visions.
Their body was built as an angel, every move as graceful and elegant as the next.
Speed is their gate to freedom, running like the wind,
running like a soaring phoenix,
striding for their ultimate goal.
These untamed beast's beauty are unmatched by any
tulip, rose or common daisy.
When you meet them you change, you feel free
like in a never ending fairy tale.
Floating in our hearts, minds, souls and heaven.
These guardians of the gates can guide us and teach us,
if only we put our ears to it.
We can become them, Free, Fair and Fascinating.
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