Horse Of Rohan - A Rohirrim Horses Life

Horse of Rohan -- In memory of Sunny

Horse of Rohan, hear my words,
You were my favorite of Rohan Horses.
When I first saw you my heart stirred,
Seeing you gallop through Rohan
My heart galloped with you in the plains.

When the time came to choose
My mount of Rohan,
The choice was too plain.
You were the blackest of the Rohirrim
That year,
With a white blaze in plain sight.

You carried me through many
Battles for Rohan,
And never did you quiver or shake with
Fear with the enemy in plain view.

Fifteen battles you won for Rohan,
Your age was plain to see.
The scars you carried, were your
Rohirrim medals.

Five more battles you carried me through,
By then your age was plain to see for all.
The Rohirrim children would count your
Scars through.

Then one bright morning,
I went to the stables,
To say good morning,
And perhaps go for a ride that
Fine morning.

I went to your stall,
And looked inside

My heart broke
When I saw you there.

You had finished your dinner
Through and through.
Then you laid down to sleep and
Never woke.

I cried until I could cry
No more,
Then said a silent prayer,
That your spirit be at peace.

Be at peace horse of Rohan.

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