Hope fades - Eowyns inner desparate struggle

Why is this world filled with so much hate
Why do people have no hope
Why don't people no longer believe in fate
Why do I have trouble to cope
I am so unsure, walking into darkness
Not knowing what I may become
Only knowing the world, so heartless
Which makes me feel so glum
I see a bird soar in the sky
So free, so pure, so true
I wish I could leave and fly
And go yonder into the blue
To this world to this destiny I am bound
To be filled with misery and despair
Rejected from a love new found
And forced to have hope through prayer
Forbidden to ride or fight
But death, death I seek
As I can see, there is no light
In this world so bleak
In disguise as a rider, I follow my fate
In which I hope I shall fight then die
I will be released from this world of hate
And my spirit will then be free to fly
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