Hidden freedom - Éowyn rides to the end (sorry 'bout my spelling, but i'm a bit tired....Zzzzzz)

I ride across the fields
hidden behind my helmet.
I hide from my own kin,
hide on my way to death

I ride from all that i know,
from all that I hold dear.
I ride to the fields of Pellanor,
maybe never to return.

Death, i do not know it.
I thought i didn't fear it, but i do.
If I should die in this battle
death will be my new cage.

I have been bared in a castle
for so many a year.
Though i have been with friends
I have always dreamt of freedom.

Here it is at last, my freedom.
It is sweet and deadly.
I ride free for the last hours of life,
I ride to war and the love I might have had.

If I am to live, i hope i will live free
and find what my heart has ever saught.
If i am to die, I hope I can do it with honor,
I hope I can die with the sword still in hand,
faceing my enemy.

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