Heroes - a poem

Two daughters of the Leafer king
one orphan from the woods of gold
tales are written and harpers sing
of these three fair maidens of old

Warriors they were called to be
Though in maiden's forms they were born
They fought to keep all peoples free
To protect others they were sworn

Of Leafers Deliphy was Queen
A fierce fighter though soft at heart
On moonlit paths she could be seen
Or training others in war's art

Skilled in battle and keen of eye
by love to a mortal man bound
Even though she was doomed to die
Her heart's desire, Layiwen found

When she allowed her heart to care
Aldariel's heart was set free
Ithilien she helped make fair
Then with her love crossed o'er the Sea

Though battleworn and tested sore
Their courage saw them through
that is why they passed into lore
and why they are called heroes true

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