Helmsdeep - An account/ A fear

Why am I here? Among broken men,
Who quiver and shake at the onset of night,
A lone heart within many beats again,
And I shall, for my people, fight.

Why do I carry a sword and a shield?
What do I desire this eve?
Will the wall hold, or our forces yield,
I should not think to believe.

Why do I doubt them?
The King and his Lords?
The day shall rise again,
Reflect'd on victorous swords.

But why do they whisper? Of armies amassed,
Of sorcery, evil and lust?
Were this the day, and this torture passed,
If in their hope I could trust.

And arrows rain now,
Slaughter and pain,
Hope and doubt mingle, somehow,
Tell her, my love, O tell her, my love,
I ever shall watch
From above.

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