Heads from Helms Deep - Fighting Urak-Hi

The tower of Orthanc stands tall with power
With orcs unleashed seeking to devour
All that was once bright and green
Has transformed to a land of darkness and greed.

Laughter, like a shrill pierce to the soul
As Saruman watches the creations he rose
Urak-Hi a fighting race of foul beast
Now bow down at the white wizards feet.

The power of Saruman unleashed on the land
Two Towers united to the doom of all men
Raviounous beast killing all in their sight
Burning and pillaging to Sauron's delight.

Saruman the White strides through dark halls
Awaiting with eagerness for all men to fall
To launch his final war for all of mankind
Rohan to go first, then the rest in due time

Finally the day has arrived
When 10,000 orcs are ready to fly
Off they march to the devistation of men
Off they march bearing the white hand.

They will march to Helms Deep to leave none alive
angry, ruinious, marching with pride
Death & destruction the Uruk's seek
To reward their wizard with heads from Helms Deep.

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