He Blows his Horn - (In the tune of Savatage - He carves his stone: Album: Edge of Thorns)

Among the members of those departing
Here in Rivendell so closely guarded
There stands Boromir, Gondor's son

As his words go by unheeded
Here among those elves forever living
Lost in dreams of rings he never gained

He blows his horn

(Frodo) Well a man's got to do what a man's got to do
But I'll never give my ring to you
No dark lords evil scheme
Will ever take hold of the little man you see

So here I stand all alone
With horn in hand and blow a tune
I'll leave the elves forever deaf
And contemplate morality

And blow that horn

And on that final night
We know we'll have to fight
And as we say goodbye
I blow that horn out loud
Yeah I blow that horn out loud! Yeah!

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