Leaves fell once in Autumn,
Now whither do they fall?
The Prince hath gone, the Sun She fades,
But do you hear him call?

Over the Sea, he waits and waits,
For you to follow on.
In Tol Eressëa, beyond the Gates,
He lingers on in wait.

He waits for you to Heal his Heart,
He waits for you to come.
His Soul yearns to be with yours,
And to become One.

For many Years and more he Dwells,
In the Fair Land beyond the Sea.
He wants you to come to him and Dwell,
For all Eternity.

The Leaves were nowhere to be found,
No call, no word, no sound.
His Heart has never found its Mate,
To wait was indeed his Fate.

Three thousand Years or more he lived,
As Peaceful as a Dove.
And all the Years he spent on Earth,
He never found his Love.

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