Gorlim, the Unhappy - For redemption to the grandson of Barahir

I had an ancestor once of old,
who fought the orcs in lands so cold,
alongside many faithful men,
Among whom Barahir was then.
And Beren, his son, and other nine,
until his horrid, selfish crime.

Gorlim, the Unhappy was his name,
and unhappy still, I stay the same,
his unknown offspring of Eilinor fair,
for whom he put his friends in despair.
It was for her sake that he betrayed his friends,
It was for her sake that he met his bitter end,
and so began the tale of Beren, one-hand,
which only the elves now truly understand.

Though he did it for love,
ashamed am I still,
though he had a heart of,
the greatest wind-mill.
And though he knew not,
that she was then dead,
he still had hope caught,
for regaining her stead.

And I am his grandson,
I'm sorry to say,
And all that I've done,
has been to repay,
the dark deeds of Gorlim the first,
who did it so that I am now cursed,
but one day I will walk away,
from this evil memory, someday.

I had an ancestor once of old,
a companion of Barahir the bold,
and though his ghost does haunt me still,
I will pay up, and this cause fulfill.

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