Gone When I Needed You Most - By: Nicole Marcil

You were my friend to this present day,
You were always by my side looking after me.
Gone for days or months at a time,
I really never thought about what will come to be.

I accepted this perilous task,
Out of my own heart true.
To lead myself and save Middle-earth,
And to forget all about this something I could never do.

I watched in horror as you fell,
Down deep into the cavern long.
Straight down to the dark,
I can't believe your forever gone.

You stood before the Balrog weak,
Loss of strength and loss of power.
I looked on not removing my gaze,
And cried out on my darkest hour.

(Hehe, I found this under my bed, and it's dated July 9th, 1999.)

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