Gollum's inner struggle - A poem about Gollum's emotions and inner debates about the ring and his actions

The middle bit is gollum fighting with himself one line is smeagol talking the next the gollum side just to let you know

Alone, twisted, wretched we creep
we goes to strangle the hobbits in their sleep
Yesssss my precious, how I long for you
To see your golden glitter against the dark blue
Of night, as I creep I long
We leaps on them but they are too strong
They have sting glimmering, shimmering blue
Yes my precious, you have seen it too
Noooo don't tie us up it burns, it burns
Stupid reckless hobbits they will never learn
The way out, I will be their guide
But they must release us, we won't be tied
Smeagol will be good, Smeagol will try
No, says Gollum they only want to make you cry
They are my friends, master is my friend
No Smeagol, the fat hobbit wants to see your end
You hurt my feelings gollum, gollum don't sing
Poor little Smeagol, you stupid, miserable thing
Leave now and never come back
Without me Smeagol would lack
Leave NOW I say, yessss you are leaving
Poor Smeagol keep on believing
Smeagol shows the hobbits the way
Men take us, of us the master has betrayed
Tricksy hobbits I told you
To their word they were not true
Master is our friend, but we wants it
So we must kill them, kill the fat hobbit
And yes the master too
But how can I there is always two
We will take them to her
And see what evil she can stir
Come little hobbits this is the way
My precious, for their nastiness they shall pay
Up the stair, hobbits, so long, so high
No fish for Smeagol, and his mouth is dry
Yes hobbits almost there
Now my precious, for Shelob's lair

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