Going to the Undying Lands

My time is over,
Yet I don't want it to be,
I have to sail away,
Yet I don't want to leave,
I will miss this land,
The land of my home,
At least I did not live my long years alone,
Everyones leaving from the great shore,
To the place where life is ever more,
The land is perfect, why, it is called undying,
Then why am I sitting here all alone crying,
I will miss Middle Earth,
The land of my birth,
The place were I smote my enemies in the dirt,
I have fought many wars, won many battles,
Now it is over, it has passed into shadow,
Goodbye tall trees, farewell sweet flowers,
We will not meet again,
I'm sorry to say,
But I must leave,
Its either now-or never.
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