Gethír Tinúviel

<p>Geth&iacute;r Tin&uacute;viel<br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br /> <br /> I long to hear the song of Tin&uacute;viel<br /> For such a voice divine;<br /> I cling to the very hope,<br /> That one day she may be mine.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> An&iacute;ron lasto i-&lsquo;l&icirc;r-en- Tin&uacute;viel<br /> An lam hen aglareb;<br /> Gerin an i-estel vinai,<br /> i-arad vin he na n&icirc;n.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> I long to revel in the beauty of Tin&uacute;viel<br /> For such a beauty undefined;<br /> A spell she doth have over I,<br /> Thine own eyes entwined.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> An&iacute;ron gell nedh i-vain-en-Tin&uacute;viel<br /> An i-vain &uacute;-chenio;<br /> L &ucirc;th he g&acirc;r ornin,<br /> Hin n&iacute;n nedh gonathras.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> I long to touch the elegant Tin&uacute;viel<br /> Soft and warm; a breeze on summer&rsquo;s day,<br /> One swift touch from her<br /> And forever I shall stay.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> An&iacute;ron presto Tin&uacute;viel aglareb<br /> Voe a laug; hwest erin arad-en-laer,<br /> Presto min geleg o he<br /> A anann innas darin.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> I long to speak with the gracious Tin&uacute;viel<br /> For her words fill me with joy,<br /> Calm and understood I become;<br /> Often sometimes coy.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> An&iacute;ron pedo na aglar an Tin&uacute;viel aglareb<br /> An ho pith pathro nin glass,<br /> Im thala achennasion;<br /> Im rem ch&iacute;nion.<br /> &nbsp;<br />I long to look upon the smile of Tin&uacute;viel<br /> Instilled with hope and peace,<br /> To see this smile would<br /> Make my troubles; cease.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> An&iacute;ron tiro am i-&lsquo;eth&iacute;r-en-Tin&uacute;viel<br /> Geth&iacute;r bant o estel a s&icirc;dh,<br /> Tiro geth&iacute;r hen<br /> Caro coel n&iacute;n; daro.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> I spy from afar, the awful Tin&uacute;viel<br /> Golden locks atop her crown;<br /> Reflect the pale moon<br /> As together, in the grass, we lay down.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Palan cenin Tin&uacute;viel taur<br /> Finnel valthen bo ho d&ocirc;l;<br /> S&iacute;la i-gron&uacute;n &lsquo;gael<br /> Godref havo amen nedh th&acirc;r.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Radiant Tin&uacute;viel questions me,<br /> &ldquo;Art thou happy with I? Or doth thee hast woe?&rdquo;<br /> &ldquo;Oh Tin&uacute;viel, if I hast woe, &lsquo;tis we are mortal,<br /> With thee I shall be more jovial than thou ever can know.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Tin&uacute;viel &lsquo;aladeb p&ecirc;d anim,<br /> &ldquo;Le &lsquo;lass anim? Egor garich naeth?&rdquo;<br /> &ldquo;Nae, Tin&uacute;viel! Ae gerin naeth, na ten amen f&iacute;reb,<br /> An le im ovor an gelir &uacute;-l&ucirc; istach.&rdquo;</p>
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