Galadriel's Lament - another poem in my LotR Lament series

How long must I wait here?
While the world falls in dark's evil hate
While the stars dim and the sky grows black
While shadows lengthen and hope fades

How long can the sky stay blue?
When dark clouds boil closer
When evil things creep about
When cold fire burns the shield

How many more will go?
As parties walk through my wood each day
As elf by elf are called to the sea
As beauty here is gone

How many tears will fall?
Before night covers all
Before all the elves leave
Before the dwarfs die in their halls

Will they mourn our passing?
After all the elves have left
After night has set in
After life is quenched in blood and iron

How long must I wait here?
Penned in by darkness
Surrounded by shadow
Mourning the death of this earth

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