Futility of Mine - A man's futile love for an elf

I struggle with words
And stumble on sentences
These thoughts are unheard
From my weariest senses
And yet when I see you
I must admit
That words just will not do
justice one bit

My love for you is incredible
I cannot know what you feel for me
My thoughts are unintelligible
But flying like an bird, so truly free
Your beauty is surpassing
Than any child of men
That it is a pleasure to be basking
In any shadow of your den

The futility of mine
defines the things I say
The nobility of time
Is often unheard by the stray
And yet when my eyes
See your gracious love
I cannot deny
That you are above

I've stone for a heart
And ashes for soul
Compared to your most wonderful goal
I've brick for a mind
take me out of this bind
And set me towards the way I once shined

The futility of mine
Is lost among time
And yours is surpassing all of our finds

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