Frodo's Tale - A Poem

A Perky Chap!
With a bright eye
Taller than most
Under cloud and skye

For a shadow becomes a threat
An evil wind blows by
The one ring waits
For his masters cry

Bilbo is at leave
With the Elves he will stay
The Ring has awoken
On this very day....

A threat is upon,
All who live,
Sauron shall not get back
What was once his

For the road is long
I bid farewell with a sigh,
For Mordor I must go
With Sam at my side

The Ring is laded heavy
Upon me I must say
The darkness has come
Light has a fade
Like gray leaves on a summer day.

For Hobbits,
Elves, Dwarves,
Even Men...

They hold this one swear
For with me they will be,
Till the very end*........

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