Frodo's Mind - A Poem

I am Frodo of the Shire.
The One Ring I must destroy.
Yet, I grow so very tired.

I am very frightened.
I'm not sure where to turn.
My burden is growing heavier.
In my heart I feel a burn.

I desire to go back home,
to my beloved Shire.
This Ring must be thrown into the fire,
of the dark and dreaded Mount Doom.

I have my faithful Sam,
he is alway at my side.
He would never leave me standing.
He comforted when I cried.

I've taken so little with me,
and I've left so much behind.
I always feel this horrid, evil rings bind.
There is so little I can do.

I wish none of this hed ever happened.
I wish the Ring had never come to me.
What happens if I should fail?

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