FOTR Poems - Chapeter 1

Bilbo threw a party once
And invited all in town
Foods, drinks, and games there were
And laughing all around.
An old friend of Bilbo's
Gandalf was his name
He came and made some fireworks
To everyone's delight
Then Bilbo came and made a speech
He said, "I'll miss you all
but now I've got to go"
And just like that old Bilbo-

Invisible he went
Back to his hobbit hole
There, off he slipped his magic ring
And he made ready to go
Then his friend Gandalf
Who knew about his plan
Came in and said,
"dont take that
Ring where you go
Leave it here and
Give it to young Frodo."
Reluctent though he was
He finally left it there
And off he went to Rivendell
Frodo came in then
Gandalf was still there
To him he gave the Ring
He said to him,
"keep it safe
dont put it on
i have to go now"
Then off he went
Leaving Frodo there.
So Frodo kept it
Until one day Gandalf came
The Black Riders not far behind
But that is actully a story for another time.

Hope you like it!! I'm going to do all three books in my poems!! Comment please! Has anyone ever done this before?

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