For a Day of Tomorrow - It is a Dutch poem and has nothing to do with lord of the rings , but it always reminds me of Arwen and Aragorn ; so I translated it for you.

When I die tommorow
tell the trees
how much I loved you
tell it to the wind,
who climbs in trees ,
or falls out of branches
how much I loved you
Tell it to a child
that's young enough to understand ,
tell it to an animal
maybe just by looking at it
tell it to houses of stone
tell it to the city
how much I loved you

But don't tell a man
they wouldn't believe you
They wouldn't want to believe that
only but a man
only but a woman
only a human a human
had loved you as much a I loved you

people from Netherlands and Belgium recognize it of course . It's a very famous poem , written by Hans Andreus

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