Farewell to Boromir - A Poem

Where is Boromir son of Denethor,
For I cannot hear the horn of Gondor,

Boromir the fair & wise,
Let me say my last goodbyes,

Farewell to you,
Dark haired, Grey-eyed,
Boromir the & true,
Now you lay in broken pride,

You were a brave warrior,
Protected by your shield,
You fought bravely,
With the sword you wield,

You had one last breath,
Remember a hero's death,
Now with all the pain & sorrow,
Without you there is no tomorrow,

I will remember your noble gaze,
I will remember you till the end of days,

Farewell to Boromir son of Gondor,
For you do not wander these lands no more,

Farewell my friend.

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