Farewell, My Friend - Meriadoc's last word's to Peregrin

My closest friend now rides to war
My other friends have gone before
Within my heart is courage yet
I'll help repay this nation's debt
I'll ride to war and come what may
I'll greet the dawn with cold heart fey
Gondor, besieged, has called for aid
For this last moment I was made
We ride to war at dawn's first light
Many shall feel Death's final bite
I'll ride to war and hope to stand
I'll ride to war to help that land
Where all my friends have gone before
I'll ride to war, I'll ride to war

What am I doing in this fight
I'll never live to see Dawn's light
So many noises all around
If I fall here, I'll not be found
I feel Death's bite, it will not yield
We're doomed to die on this grey field
I'm just a hobbit, much too small
I cannot help this war at all
There's so much death surrounding me
And death's dark warriors all I see
I feel Death's bite, this is the end
I feel Death's bite, Life's bitter friend
I'll never live to see Dawn's light
I feel Death's bite, I feel Death's bite

My sword arm wounded will not mend
Pippin, my friend, this is my end
I fought the lord of grim despair
I helped the noble lady fair
Farewell my friend, the darkness calls
Before the Night the mighty falls
My arm is cold, my sight has fled
What is this place to which you've led
Are you a guide unto my tomb
Has the time come to face my doom
Farewell, my friend, the coldness clings
Farewell, my friend, the darkness stings
Pippin, my friend, this is my end
Farewell, my friend, farewell, my friend

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