Farewell from a Fallen - A Self made funeral song

Who am I? A fallen knight
How many suns set over my ?
I lost count...
Now I am , freed from my cloak
As my silver armor,the gift of a noble count
Who knows where it lies? Covered with rust
With my flesh inside, if any left
And my bones coated with dust
Does my sword lay beside it? No hope
From the iron of meteors it was wrought
Gems shimmered on the handle and blade of my defender,
Probably it was the victim of a plunder
It's edge was sharp, but it had no tounge
It could not beg to be by my side forever
What happened to my horse? I remember
I saw him fall just before I died
Rest you well, my friend, mighty and loyal
You shared my destiny, just as any mortal
Did my beloved cry when the dark news arrived?
No, my Lord, do not let your tears be shed
I had been fighting before I reached womanhood
To fall as a hero, this I have deserved
To fall as a hero... Sweet as
Yet to leave you, bitter as cold poison
Weep no more, a I owed to God
The debt is paid, with honor and pride
Bravery...pride...maybe hallucinations we create
In the battlefield, of noone but myself I was scared
My own sword, armor, my bravery I feared
Not the hosts hat marched towards I
But now, in the arms of the well deserved ,
I have found peace from trouble, comfort from pain
Farewell, my shining youth, my love, my life,
Arms and conflicts, eternally goodbye
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