Farewell, Boromir - a lament for Boromir by his people

Oh, fair prince, Jewel of War*,
Your proud face we see no more.
Why have you left for so long?
Our hearts loose faith when you are gone.

Oh, valiant hero, Steward's son,
Where will you be when it's begun,
When Ecthelion's glimmering light does fade,
When Sauron's hand meets Isildur's Bane?

Oh, brave warrior, your people's Hope,
When the Enemy unleashes his final stroke,
When the Nazgul come, the escence of fear,
We pray to the Valar that you will be here.

Oh, savior of Gondor, there you are!
Returned to us from lands afar.
You shine for us, a flame of might,
To stand against the rageing night!

Oh, son of Gondor, Boromir,
Our hearts are pierced with pain and fear,
For you are lost forever more,
To all souls on the Hither Shore.

Namaarie, lisse' taren. Cormanin niuve tenna' ta elea lle au'. Quel kaima, tenna san.

* the meaning of Boromir's name in the tongue of Númenor

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