Faramir's Grief

I tried to hard to please you
I even rode to battle when all was lost
I tried to gain you love
I tried to prove myself for what I had lost

But in your eyes i am unworthy
my heart breaks without your love
my soul dies when you say all is lost

I tried to hard to make you see
that I can be like my beloved brother
whom you so loved.

I even carried the evil to our home
to that my brother's life was lost
but still you love me not

I went to war to keep you safe
to prove that I am worthy
to prove that it is you I love

now I lie within death's grasp
I feel no pain
I feel nothing at all

then to my side you come
begging and pleading
and saying it is I you love

now I feel the love
Now I feel I am worthy
Now I feel what it is
like to be loved

all is not lost
I fought the battle of death
and won,
and now i will
always feel the love
I will always feel worthy

this is the way I hoped
it would be.

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