False Reflection - Gollum's Inner Battle

Flames, Incinerate
Burn, singe, and seethe
The darkness to light obliverate
To show what's hidden beneath

Hidden sins of long ago
Which never caught the light
No more could one know
Blinded by the night

The darkness hid the true form
Hid a rusty sword, a beautiful sheath
Cold stone but the fire's warm
This fire does not seethe

You're faithless and untrue
You seem what you are not
Unloyal in what you do
Deciet is what you wraught

Cold and still
An icy lake
Dusty sill
Empty you make

I hate so much it's tangible to me
You fake so much it's real
How can this false lie be
When it's not what we truly feel
-Paige R.

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