Fall of the Stewards Son - The Departure of Boromir

Against this old tree
I lay my weary head
Damn the arrows in my chest
'Cause of them I'll soon be dead

My sword! Tis broken
Like Anduril before this quest
I have taken many lives
To save the halflings I tried best

I tried to take it from Frodo
That accursed, dreadful thing
Because of me he has fled
Hopefully to destroy the Ring

Aragorn rushed from the distance
Responding to my horns call
Tis sad he shall see
The Steward's proud son fall

"I tried to take the ring from Frodo
I am sorry, I have paid"
As I started to tell my story
I realized the mistake I had made

"They have gone: the Halflings"
With short gasps I said
"The Orcs have taken them
I think they are not dead"

I paused and closed my eyes
Recalling the orcs I had killed today
No matter how many fell
These Uber-Orcs didn't go away

"Go to Minas Tirith and save my people
Tell them I have failed
Let this struggle be not in vain
And in this war prevailed!"

"No!" he cried out
He took my hand and kissed my brow
He spoke of my supposed victory
And made me this last vow

"Minas Tirith shall not fall
Nor shall its people suffer Mordor's pain
You have conquered! Boromir!
You have not died in vain

I smiled and he started again to speak
But what words I could not tell
And then the darkness took me
This was how the Steward's son fell

*~*Dedicated to my brother*~*

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