Evil Lies Beyond the Gate- Re-edited Version - Edited Version of Evil Lies Beyond the Gates Or Mordor originally by Mordain.

Evil Lies beyond the gate, protected by darkness,
The darkness makes sure that no one passes or knows the name,
Of Evil, Shadow, and Flame,
But the secret cannot be hidden for long,
Because of an ancient legendary song,
Telling of the dark abbyss,
The discouraging song goes somewhat like this,
"Beyond the Gate of Damned creations
Beyond the perfect victorious nation,
There lies a shadow with dark evil things"
"Hark!" A triumphant soldier sings,
"I shall go to the gate, and far beyond"
And as the brave man foolishly walked through the Gate, darkness fell upon his fate,
For he saw there, not only death,
What he saw took away his breath,
The world beyond was far too hideous,
Not even he could describe this,
Everything was covered in black,
He was afraid he would never get back,
But there was more to the world behind,
Something that has forever polluted his mind,
Not even I dare say what he saw,
Beyond the Big Black Gate
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