Ever Wandering Dreams - (",)

In the depth of the night,
She turns in her sleep.
Her troubled mind finally at ease
Her mysterious dreams come to mind

The Dark green wood stretches vastly
the small streams create a soothing melody
the aromatic smell of the wild flowers fill her mind.

Suddenly the wind blows hard,
the lovely white dress flows in the air
her gold hair blows everywhere

the wind blows more violently the trees bending,
the trees shredding their leaves
fire breaks out in the forest
burning everything,
she is trapped

the forest keeps burning,
the fire slowly gets closer to her

as suddenly as the fire started she wakes
when she finally wakes properly she realises
she is alright, everything is fine
she is safe,
she lays down and cautiously falls back asleep
and dreams more myterious dreams

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