Even the Smallest Person... - A poem.

"For Frodo the Halfling, it is said... took on himself the burden, and alone with his servant he passed through peril and darkness..."
From "The Silmarillion" by JRR Tolkien

Simple tale of little folk
Endurance and undying hope
Step by step, hand in hand
Travel through a shattered land.

War is raging, battles waged
Warriors wield sword and blade
Cities crumble, towers fall
Still they plod toward Mordor's wall.

Single purpose, steady path
Hold each other to the task
Set aside mundane desire
Enter halls of shade and fire.

Fierce resolve and weary toil
Rancid water, rocky soil
Protective hand and strong embrace
Moments blessed with shining grace.

Never wavering from the goal
Guarding close each other's soul
Lift the light of hope above
Step by step in steadfast love.

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