Eowyn - As she was seen

Too oft stood she, the shield maid
Hair of gold in woven braid
Watched the sun set as night did dawn
Faith and hope for her shall mourn.

Like a winter's frozen solid grasp
Her face was cold, for never did she clasp
The beauty of the risen sun
Or the sight of day begun.

Yet now she stands alone,
Upon the golden hall, her hope brone
To the shadowed lands,
She doth seek her death at mortal hands.

Yet she, so pale, so cold, so lost
Is as yet the morning frost
That shall receed and fade away
To give life to the new born day.

So as she doth stand, her shadow cast
Upon the land, she shall, at last
Find her fate, and hope and love
And be rembered as the maid
Whom with passion forth display'd
The fight of courage, helped win that war;
And she doth not fear any more.

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