Eowyn's Lament - a poem in my LotR Lament series

Silently I wait
Hopelessly I bide my time
Nothing stops the biting fear
That freezes my soul
All is dark about me
The look in his faded blue eyes
His dead voice
Lifelessly crinkled hands
Poison seeps unsparingly
From the mouth of the worm
Sometimes I want to scream
But I know it would do nothing
Nothing but unleash his tongue once more
Full of pitying, enslaving lies
And so I wait in silence
I wait for hope and light
I know not were they will come from
I see no light on the horizon
Only darkness and despair
And death
Why? Why must it be me--
Who must stay here, alone?
I wish I could fight it
I wish life were as straightforward
As death
I wish I could slay him
With a shining sword
And return the life to my Uncle
I could stand before the enemy
And deal out death
But if that can not be
At least let me die now
So that I will no longer wait
Alone in the dark
In silence
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