Elvish Song of Enchantment

A song bellows out in the autumn air
as elves dance merrily
to nature's sweet melody.
Wind, beasts, trees, & grass
Softly singing the voice of the earth.
Wonder fills one't heart.
Weariness washes away.
Llike rivers flowing
the sounds of water fill the night.
Light from the merry Elves thus glows
lighting the forest
like stars shining bright
stars as amazing as
the Firstborn gazed upon
Refreshed one feels in their land
realms of healing
things of beauty
bestowed in all that dwell
Dance mery folk!
Drink and laugh on this autumn paradise!
Rejoce at your immortality.
What things of beauty and life surround!
As the music places you feel...
all these things
as magical enchancment slips
on like a ring.

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