Elrond's Lament - Crystal's LotR Lament series

My daughter,
Oh my fair daughter!
How can it be,
That so high an ice wall of distance stands between us?
How can it be,
That you have stayed and I have left?
My heart weeps for you,
Oh my fair daughter!
Why must this be our fate?
To be forever parted?
Oh my fair daughter!
May the heavens have mercy upon us,
Oh my fair, fair daughter!
The sea and all it's beauty has hidden from me,
The light and joy of my life,
How can it be?
How can it be?
My heart longs to see your smile,
Your tears,
Anything that you were and are to me,
Oh my fair daughter!
I wait by the shores for you to return,
Alone I wander the shining sand,
My tears fall unseen by all,
My heart aches on the cold grey rocks,
My mournful cries are heard only by the gulls,
The gulls, they are yet my only comfort,
They grieve with me, though they do not understand,
That I am a stranger in a faraway land.
Oh my fair daughter!
Though I wait,
I know you will never return to me.
Oh my fair daughter!
Oh my fair daughter!
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