Elenna - Of the Stars

Oh anxious Sun!
That thou wouldst stay thine step
From the Door of Night.
Bequeath unto the Moon in all his silvery splendour
Those precious hours that thou callest thine own,
For then canst I in moonlight stay;
In starlight dance and sing.
For it is there that I make my home
Beneath the pale light of Isil and amidst the trees
Where nightingales sing.
There I tread, where none save
Two lovers from long ago have stepped;
Stepped, and professed their love so true.
She of immortal bloom, he of a timed path,
Yet surpassed even the throes of Death.
And now stand I in the place of these;
The greatest of lovers; and make my plea.
hasten not the coming of the Sun, oh gracious Valar!
Let time be halted, and forever shall I be a
Child of the Stars.
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